Hey. I'm Mars. I found out SNK existed and was cool and decided to figure out where the hell "dweebenheimer" came from. It's a work in progress.

Why should anyone care about a bunch of old arcade translations? No one knew what they were doing back then, it's all just nonsense.

First off, old translations are cool. Second off, SNK's translations weren't bad. They were fascinatingly weird. There's a genuine attempt to localize, a native speaker adding in pop culture references right when Working Designs was getting their style off the ground, and you know what? Sometimes SNK even got it right.

Then again, sometimes they just went off the rails.

Either way it's cool, it's interesting, and I refuse to stop until SNK is recognized as a localization pioneer.

What are your qualifications for this project?

I'm the one who decided to do it.

Like translation qualifications.

I studied Japanese for awhile and play a lot of video games. In other words: none.

Then why-

I'm the one who decided to do it.

Why's it called "The Mad SNK Project"?

Because I'm crazy to do it.

All your translations suck!

Probably. If you have any corrections, please feel free to email them to me at madsnkproject at gmail. I will update the page and provide full credit.

I'd like to use your translations.

Go for it. Credit is not required, but will help in deflecting blame when I'm inevitably found to be embarrassingly wrong about something.

I'm good at fighting games/Japanese/ice fishing and would like to help out.

Great. Contact me at madsnkproject at gmail. I especially need people that can do text dumps and people that actually know Japanese. Any contributers will be given full credit.

Why haven't you done $GAME yet?

Because I haven't gotten to it. There's a lot to go through.

What's with all the Fatal Fury?

Mark of the Wolves owns.

Mark of the Wolves isn't on here.