Real Bout Fatal Fury

Turns out no one really liked Fatal Fury 3, so SNK quickly pumped out a sequel reusing as many assets as they could. Oops. (I still love you, FF3!)

As for the's mostly fine. They really pulled back after FF3, for whatever reason - they realised it was too much? - and as a result the script feels toned down.

That's not to say I'll be skipping it or it doesn't have interesting lines, not at all. One of my favourites is in here. But there's going to be a lot less "well that has nothing to do with the original line and I have no idea why" On the upside, there's a whole lot less of it, so these are much less onerous for me to do!

As benefiting Real Bout being, well...a rush job, there's also less side-material for me to put in as bonuses. Sorry! I actually had a ton of fun with the FF3 manual blurbs, but such is life.


Finished! The whole game!