Fatal Fury 3

Joe Higashi

Yep, it's Joe.

Win with normal move

Literal translation Official translation
That's it? Get up! Get up! GET UUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP! Aw, get up! I didn't even get started!

The English isn't as exciting as the Japanese for a change! Joe just screaming "GET UP" at his knocked out opponent is a great image that's completely lost. Very sad.

Otherwise this is pretty straight.

Win with special move

Literal translation Official translation
Perfect, if I say so myself! I really am a genius! I'm a fighting genius! Yeeeeaaah!

Also basically the same, though the English drops a bit of Joe's self-aggrandizement.

Win with super move

Literal translation Official translation
How's that Screw Upper taste? Good, right? So how's the taste of a Screw Upper, buddy?


I'm sorry, the win quotes don't seem to have gotten a lot of polish, which means they're usually just boring...

Win with hidden super

Literal translation Official translation
What what WHAT was that Screw? Hahaha, I knew it! I'm a genius among geniuses! Wow! Now that was a real Screw Upper! I know I'm a genius!

Kishi got all the hidden supers for me, because I am bad at fighting games.

The English, as usual, loses the idea that the character had no idea they could do the hidden move until it happened. It also loses the "genius among geniuses" bit, which is really sad.

Joe does still sound impressed with himself, and that's the important thing.