Fatal Fury 3

Hon Fu

Wouldn't it be cool if he randomly showed up hunting Yamazaki in a KoF? Even as a background cameo? Yeah, that would be cool.

SPECIAL NOTE: Yeah, Upthorn did these as well. He's a cool dude.

Win with normal move

Literal translation Official translation
Not even worth talkin' 'bout. Not even worth the time.

The editor barely cared about win quotes.

Win with special move

Literal translation Official translation
Ya did well against me, I admire ya. Good job, but not quite.

Hon Fu's straight compliment turns into some mild criticism. It's a pretty generic line either way.

Win with super move

Literal translation Official translation
Ya did pretty well. Kung fu has beaten you!


The English feels like a joke I'm not getting. It specifically feels like someone quoting a bit of purposefully-mangled English, or perhaps just going for that feel. I don't recognize the reference if there is one, though.

Anyway it's replacing a very generic line in Japanese.

Win with hidden super

Literal translation Official translation
Phew! I'm amazin'! Boy, am I strong or what?

Kishi got all the hidden supers for me, because I am bad at fighting games....but Upthorn did the text this time.

Unlike most of the other wins with hidden supers, this is...pretty straight. It's a reasonable alternate translation of the Japanese.