Fatal Fury 2/Special

Fatal Fury 2 was released in 1992 with a translation style much like Fatal Fury before it: fairly plain and standard for the time.

Fatal Fury Special, the upgraded re-release, came out under a year later, but after the localization bug had bitten SNK. It provides a stunning early example of SNK's unique style dialog and gave us several iconic (?) lines.

The best part? In Japanese, many lines are the same across both games. Fatal Fury 2 and Special are unique in that we can directly compare SNK's plain translations to their wacky ones.

They're not bad games, either.

Fatal Fury 2 was ported to the SNES/Genesis by Takara in 1994, and Special followed on the SNES in 1995. But while Takara handled translating 2 themselves, they outsourced Special to Monolith Corp. There are a number of interesting differences, and I'll be going over them in-line with the Neo Geo versions.

Unlike the SNES and Genesis versions of Fatal Fury, FF2's script stays mostly the same across the home ports. Most of the time I'll just be listing that as "SNES", but remember it was like that on the Genesis as well. Since Special never got a Genesis port, that will just be listed as "SNES".


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