Fatal Fury

SNK's first fighting game, the Fatal Fury translation is....remarkably straightforward, actually. There's goofy stuff, but it's fairly solid and gets the point across. If you wanted to redo it, you could do worse than use the original translation as a skeleton.

I mean, you should still double-check everything with the Japanese. And there's plenty of stuff here to nitpick over. But, you know....compared to everything else, it's tame.

Fatal Fury features cutscenes after every round, as well as one after winning the tournament, and another before fighting Geese. They're quite nice for 1991, really. It shows SNK's dedication to story and character, even at this early date.

Fatal Fury also has the bane of my existance, randomized quotes. Each playable character has a pool of four unique win quotes, plus four continue quotes, all of which are selected randomly when the time comes. In addition, every CPU character (besides Geese) has a pool of unique and generic win quotes they will ALSO randomly pick from. Considering I'm doing this by playing and mashing the screenshot button...yeah, I really want someone to help dump this text.


Done! Completely! Don't you dare tell me about any other ports!