Art of Fighting 2

The much-improved sequel to Art of Fighting; the camera is still hot garbage and makes me nauseous.

That said, the translation is weird to where most people noticed it was wacky even at the time. It messes up an important connection to Fatal Fury, adds tons of jokes, and is generally goofy to the extreme. ...all of which distracts from how the original is also filled with banter and punching up the script was absolutely the right choice.

Art of Fighting 2 is the one of the big games I want to get to in this project, right next to Fatal Fury 3. I'm fairly sure the same person edited both, and they're both the height of SNK translation madness. However, that also means AoF2 is a ton of work, so I'll be getting to it when I can.

The character profiles have a cute gimmick at the end where the character answers a few interview questions. I haven't seen these translated before, so I'll be putting them in. Bonuses are good, right?


Ryo, Robert, Lee, King, Takuma, John, Yuri, Jack, Eiji, Temjin, Mickey, Mr. Big: Finished

Training text: Partially captured