Art of Fighting

This is the patient zero. This is the first time we see SNK's bizarre sense of localization, and it's in their second fighting game.

Honestly, I thought this had a straight translation and was just going to skip it. Then I saw a couple strange vs win quotes and dig a little deeper to find...the truth. The truth that I'm not getting out of here without retranslating every single SNK fighting game on the Neo Geo.

That said, story mode is super straight, to the point of being boring. I'll point out some highlights, but honestly, a lot of it would be phrasing differences at best. Most lines would just be the same. ("You did Fatal Fury 1 and 2!" you cry. "They have much smaller scripts," I reply) The real meat I'll be concentrating on here is vs mode, which is different enough from story mode that I'm pretty sure two translators worked on AoF1. One, the story mode translator, did Fatal Fury 2 and possibly 1 as well. The other, the vs mode translator, did Fatal Fury Special, possibly Samurai Shodown, and set the tone for every single SNK localization going forward.

Except for Samurai Shodown 2. I still don't know what's up with that one.


Everything captured, but not all typed up